The Art of Japanese Garden Design by Worldwideartla (2024)

  • The NAJGA Japanese Garden PodcastArts, Design 27 May

    This is the official podcast of the North American Japanese Garden Association. Learn from professionals and enthusiasts alike all about the art, craft and heart of Japanese gardens in the United States and Canada. Our goal is to increase the number of resources, conversations and awareness of Japanese garden design, theory, and techniques in the English language. Each episode is a conversation with an expert based on a monthly theme. Visit our website at to find out more about membership, read our blog and access our free Japanese gardening resources!

  • Wabi Sabi: The Art of ImperfectionEducation, Self-Improvement 13 Jun

    Welcome to The Wabi Sabi Podcast: The Art of Imperfection, a unique podcast that delves into the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.

    Join us, two experienced business coaches, as we share our personal journeys and insights into how we have embraced imperfection and uncertainty in the pursuit of growth and fulfillment. Through our conversations, we'll explore how to find beauty and meaning in the imperfect moments of life, and how to cultivate resilience and gratitude when facing life's challenges.

    Join us on this journey toward personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Dr. Arts: Doing a PhD in the Arts and DesignArts, Education, Design 12 Apr

    The podcast is a platform for the discussion of all issues relating to practice-based PhDs in the arts and design and thus will become an information-rich database for all people interested in these issues, from prospective to current PhD students, from supervisors to PhD-program leaders, and for anyone inside or outside of academics interested in the topics discussed. The podcast will be open to a wide and diverse range of voices.

    This podcast is a cooperation between the following institutions:
    Lucerne School of Design, Film And Art (CH)
    Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PL)
    Universidade Lusófona (PT)

  • Nihongo PaletteEducation, Language Learning 4 Mar

    Welcome to Nihongo Palette, your gateway to mastering the basics of Japanese! As a "Japanese Podcast for Beginners", we focus on N5-N4 level learners, simplifying language learning and bringing you into the heart of Japan's culture. Our episodes cover easy-to-understand lessons on daily life vocabulary and essential grammar. Engage with our interactive questions and grow your skills in a fun, accessible way. Tune in and transform your language journey with us! Created by @sayurisaying

  • The Unfinished PrintArts, History 20 May

    The Unfinished Print is a podcast focused on the makers and those associated with the art of Japanese woodblock printing or mokuhanga. It’s a deep dive into the artists, gallery owners, and collectors of this unique art form. Through interviews Andre Zadorozny, himself a mokuhanga printmaker, will explore what the art of mokuhanga means to so many people.

  • Welcome to The Generic Anime Podcast, or The G.A.P! Here on The G.A.P, we talk about anime, the art form of Japanese animation. With an assortment of hosts and countless anime to discuss, join us as we venture overseas! New episodes every other Monday!

  • Join me, Ryan, your nerdy host, on this show where we explore and discuss all things anime! This podcast is for those who love Japanese animation, manga, and Japanese pop culture. Whether you're a hardcore otaku, weeb or just someone who's always curious about Asian culture, this show is for you! Whether you're a fan of Naruto, One Piece, Sailor Moon, or any other anime series, this channel will provide you with the best anime content out there. We'll be talking about the history of anime as well as the latest news, reviews, and discussions on all things anime! From the history of anime to recommendations and more, we have you covered. Tune in now! Anime is an art form that's been around for over 100 years but it's never been more popular than it is today. From Toei Animation to Studio Ghibli, explore the history of anime with me and how it has evolved over the decades. We'll explore genres, recommendations and news stories to help you get up to speed on this extraordinary world. You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook too for more anime content. Search Chibi Weeb Anime and you’ll find me!

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    • Instagram: @Chibi__Weeb_Anime

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    • Facebook: @Chibi Weeb

  • Iron Heart Denim is one of the best-loved brands to come out of the Japanese denim market in recent years. Haraki san, the man behind the brand, has a unique approach to designing classically inspired clothing that is beautifully made, timeless and supremely functional. Giles Padmore started working with Haraki nearly 20 years ago, his international business experience combined with his complete lack of retail experience has resulted in a unique approach to the market. In these podcast discussions we will talk to people who help make Iron Heart Denim the special brand and community it is: our crew, partners, customers and others we admire, look up to and draw inspiration from, and probably some people we just plain like. Check out for more information on the brand.

  • Madame ButterflyFiction 17 Nov 2023 - 1000+ audiobooks, all ad free!

    Step into the poignant world of "Madame Butterfly," a tale that unfolds like a delicate blossom of emotions and cultural clashes. Follow the journey of Cho-Cho San, a young Japanese girl whose heart is entwined with that of a fickle American naval officer, leading her down a path of love and heartache. As she embraces an unexpected marriage that isolates her from her own kin, her heart brims with anticipation for her beloved husband's return. Yet, when he finally graces the harbor with his presence, the echoes of destiny resound in ways Cho-Cho San could never have foreseen. In this evocative narrative by John Luther Long, the complexities of human connection, cultural divide, and longing are woven together with delicate artistry. A narrative so compelling that it served as the muse for Giacomo Puccini's renowned opera, the essence of "Madame Butterfly" transcends time and space, inviting you to immerse yourself in a tale of love, sacrifice, and the bittersweet melodies of the heart.

  • A manga discussion podcast focusing on shojo (and josei!) series that make your heart go doki-doki. Covering classics like CLAMP’s “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Yuu Watase’s “Fushigi Yuugi” to newer favorites like Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” and Hiro Fujiwara’s “Maid Sama!”

    Shojo & Tell host Ashley McDonnell discusses one series per episode with a rotating shojo superfan. We're recreating all those impassioned rants you'd have with your friends about your favorite series, just in podcast form.

    Shojo [or shoujo] manga: Japanese comics made for young women. A breath of fresh air after reading over 100 volumes of “One Piece.” The underappreciated sibling of all those same-y never-ending shonen titles.

  • Welcome to Rupees Over Ramen, the show where we discuss Animation, Storytelling, Dungeons & Dragons, and other nerdy topics. We will also be talking with our fellow artists and creators in a chill and cozy "Ramen House" type of setting. I'm Bit by Bit James, I am an illustrator, animator, and storyteller who is a big fan of Ghibli, Disney, and Nintendo. I have a special place in my heart for cassette tapes, the Super NES, the Sony Walkman, Malt Shops, and all of the nostalgia. As the title suggests I also am a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda and Japanese Culture, which we will be talking about both as the podcast goes on, so stay tuned! This show will have a "Triforce Quantity" of episode types, with Animation/Story Analysis, Creator Chats, and Storytelling with a new take on the classic Radio Story hour. Great times are ahead, so grab a nice hot bowl of Ramen, some chopsticks, and join in on the discussion every 2 Weeks with a variety of co-hosts with every episode.

  • Estate of Mind — The Art of Selling Luxury Real EstateBusiness 7 Jun

    Welcome to Estate of Mind, a podcast series all about motivating, inspiring, and educating you in the art of selling luxury real estate.

    All real estate professionals, no matter how experienced, face challenges working in the upper tier. That's where The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing comes in. Our goal is to share the knowledge and experience of our guests, successful real estate professionals, coaches, Institute trainers, and other real estate experts working with high-net-worth individuals in the world of luxury real estate.

  • Conversations With The Top Film & TV Creators Of Today. Catch new episodes each week wherever you listen to podcasts Support this podcast:

  • Conversations with Film, TV, and Documentary editors.

  • Art of War - The Competitive 40k NetworkLeisure, Hobbies, Games 14 Jun

    Every week we Interview a Top Performing 40k Player from a recent tournament!

    We produce a two part show every single week.

    In the first segment Warhammer 40k legend Nick Nanavati, introduces you to the player who has been performing notably well in the competitive Warhammer 40k tournament scene. You will learn about what makes them tick, their story, their practice, their play style, and how they win.

    During the second segment Nick Nanavati puts his critical analysis to the test, and he works with the guest to unpack the specific list which they used to achieve glory. All of the strategies, tactics, and in game movements to actually win the games REVEALED!

    The second part is for our patrons who we love dearly.

    Subscribe today to listen to both parts of the podcasts via Patreon ( with the Competitive 40k network, and make sure to listen to all the free part ones where ever you get your podcasts!

  • We follow inspiring adventurers and explorers on their breathtaking journeys around the world.
    They not only share their hardships and highlights but also their minds, as they let us know, how these trips have changed them and their everyday life.

    Your host is Torben, founder of the World Explorers Collective: A community that connects explorers and funds meaningful expeditions
    Head to to read about our expeditions and learn about how your adventures can get funded!

  • Matters of the ArtArts, Visual Arts 4 Jul 2022

    Matters of the Art is a podcast about the emotive power of creativity. Presented by art world insider, Tali Zeloof, this podcast ebbs and flows between the personal and professional, interviewing today’s leading creative minds on their careers, and the power of art to externalise our emotions.
    Follow the Instagram @tzeloof for images of art works discussed in each episode.

  • In unserer neuen Podcast-Reihe "State of the Art: Wundversorgung" berichten ExpertInnen aus der bewegten Welt der Wundversorgung.

    Welche aktuellen Entwicklungen und Innovationen gibt es? Wie können nicht nur Wunden effizient gemanagt, sondern auch PatientInnen eng und nachhaltig begleitet werden? Welche Rolle spielen ÄrztInnen und Pflegekräfte?

    State of the Art: Wundversorgung ist eine Produktion der Georg Thieme Verlag KG.
    *Wichtiger Hinweis - Der Podcast kann das persönliche Arztgespräch, die Diagnose und Behandlung NICHT ersetzen!
    Wie jede Wissenschaft ist die Medizin ständigen Entwicklungen unterworfen. Forschung und klinische Erfahrung erweitern unsere Erkenntnisse, insbesondere was Behandlung und medikamentöse Therapie anbelangt. Soweit in diesem Podcast eine Dosierung oder eine Applikation erwähnt wird, darf der Zuhörer zwar darauf vertrauen, dass die Hosts große Sorgfalt darauf verwandt haben, dass diese Angabe dem Wissensstand bei Fertigstellung des Podcast entspricht.
    Für Angaben über Dosierungs- und Behandlungsanweisungen und Applikationsformen kann vom Verlag jedoch keine Gewähr übernommen werden. Jede*r Benutzende ist angehalten, durch sorgfältige Prüfung der Beipackzettel und Bedienungsanleitungen der verwendeten Präparate, Methoden oder Geräte und gegebenenfalls nach Konsultation eines Spezialisten oder einer Spezialistin, im Arztgespräch deren korrekte Applikation festzustellen und festzustellen, ob die dort gegebene Empfehlung für Behandlungsformen, Dosierungen oder die Beachtung von Kontraindikationen gegenüber der Angabe in diesem Podcast abweicht. Eine solche Prüfung ist besonders wichtig bei selten verwendeten Behandlungsformen, Präparaten oder solchen, die neu auf den Markt gebracht wurden. Jede Anwendung, Dosierung oder Applikation erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr des Benutzenden. Podcast Hosts und Verlag appellieren an alle Benutzenden, ihnen etwa auffallende Ungenauigkeiten dem Host oder dem Verlag mitzuteilen.

    Without Thieme Group's prior express written permission, the following use is strictly reserved: You shall not 1) use the content for commercial text and data mining as under § 44b German Copyright Act, i.e. use robots, spiders, scripts, service, software or any manual or automatic device, tool, or process designed to data mine or scrape the content, data or information from the service, product or content, or otherwise use, access, or collect the content, data or information using automated means; 2) use the content or any part thereof for the development of any software program, algorithm or other automated system, including, but not limited to, training a machine learning or artificial intelligence - AI - system, including generative AI.

    Die Thieme Gruppe behält sich eine Nutzung ihrer Inhalte für kommerzielles Text- und Data-Mining im Sinne von § 44b UrhG, ausdrücklich vor, ausgeschlossen ist der Einsatz, z.B. von Robots, Spiders, Scripts, Services, Software oder anderen manuellen oder automatischen Geräten, Werkzeugen oder Prozessen, die dafür bestimmt sind, Data-Mining zu ermöglichen oder Inhalte, Daten oder Informationen aus dem Service, Produkt oder Inhalt zu Scrapen oder in anderer Weise zu nutzen, darauf zuzugreifen oder Inhalte, Daten oder Informationen zu mittels automatisierter Mittel zu sammeln; die Inhalte dürfen auch nicht zur Entwicklung, zum Training und/oder zur Anreicherung und oder Vergleichbarem von KI-Systemen, Software Programmen, Algorithmen oder anderen automatisierten Systemen, insbesondere von generativen KI-Systemen verwendet werden.

    Georg Thieme Verlag KG
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  • Art of Experiencing w/ The Actors Studio Lifetime Member Mihaela M. MihutArts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts 1 Jun

    The Actors Studio Lifetime Member and International Acting Coach, Mihaela M. Mihut will take you on a personal and artistic journey with unexpected turns as she not only talks - but experiences, explores, creates, demonstrates, discovers and is reminded that we all share in our Universal Story, called LIFE! #artofexperiencing #youtubechannel #actingcoach #acting

  • In einer Zeit, in der Muskeln & Effekte erfolgreicher sind als Nuancen & Emotionen, haben es sich Joshy & Flo zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Kinolandschaft nach den Filmen & Serien zu durchsuchen, die sich in einer verloren geglaubten Kunst bewährt haben: Dem Geschichtenerzählen. Von Alt bis Neu, von Art-House bis Franchise präsentieren sie in Raiders of the Lost Art Schätze & Juwelen, während sie vor den Filmen warnen, an die sich nicht einmal die Grabräuber herantrauen. Hitzige Debatten sind vorprogrammiert!

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The Art of Japanese Garden Design by Worldwideartla (2024)


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