Matching tattoos are tattoos that one or two people have on their bodies that appear similar or match with each other. Matching tattoos are common especially with couples and act a way of showing their love.


1. Do you try to keep your tattoos “matchy” like same style

I don’t really think any of your tattoos need to match. Get whatever you want. My thing is that all my tats really mean something to me and that makes them “match” even if.(1)

Couple Tattoos are a popular concept, from celebs to normal people, have gotten matching tattoos with their partners. And over the years the trends have also switched in this area, from designs to sizes. Couples find this gesture very passionate, and a way to express their love for their partners.(2)

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  5. And A Lighthouse Tattoo Will Always Remind You To Guide Each Other. Another very .
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  7. And This Birds On A Branch One Is Pretty Cute Too. How cute are these tiny birds sitting on a .
  8. We Love This Long Distance Tattoo Idea. Let’s move on to this amazing long-distance tattoo .
  9. And Birthday Tattoos Can Look Pretty And Not Trashy. Another quite common couple tattoo .
  10. This Arrow Tattoo Is A Cute Way To Always Feel Connected. A tattoo that can connect when .


2. to match tattoos or not to tattoo?…. that is theee

I would say no to being impulsive, firm up the what and then work on the where and who. As for the where, check out Insight as Greg mentioned. Based on what you decide on, they should match you with an artist you can refine your vision with. Report as inappropriate 11/8/2011 This Yelper’s account has been closed. Adriane P. Chicago, IL 474 friends.(4)

But if you’re even considering getting a matching tattoo with your SO, this is something that you HAVE to think about no matter what. Think about it- although it may not feel like it, there’s still a chance things won’t work out post-tattoo.(5)

  1. Always and Forever. Simple and to the point, this gorgeous scripted tattoo says what you’re .
  2. Mismatched Tattoos. Cute and cheeky, this smiley face and “OK” are a playful way to capture .
  3. The One True Love. Who doesn’t love an adorable bunny? And who knew carrots could look .
  4. A Minimalist Set. If symbols are more your thing, this impeccably executed Maya letter tattoo .
  5. L-O-V-E. Love is truly one of the most powerful, unifying forces. Like two halves of a heart, .
  6. Send Noods. Love ramen like you love each other? Maybe it was your first-date meal or the .
  7. Share Your Culture. If you’re looking for a way to share your culture on a deeper level, then .
  8. For the Love of the Game. Gamers, rejoice! Whether you two like to battle it on the soccer .
  9. A Fairytale Dream. Love couple tattoos that will make any romantic swoon?
  10. It’s in the Stars. If you have a special place in your heart for Studio Ghibli, these matching .



3. People with multiple tattoos, do you think your tattoos

The things that are meaningful to you will come together naturally. 4 level 1 Repulsia 7y For my personal aesthetic, when they’re in close proximity, yes. I have very bold, cartoony tatts on my right arm. When there’s no flow or continuity between several tatts, they just look like stickers. 4 level 2 MeowggieB Op · 7y.(8)

Finger tattoos are uncommon for a number of reasons, some cultural, some practical. Finger tattoos are often used by only the most hardened of tattoo artists. They’re typically unique and are slowly becoming more and more common. Many shy away from hand, forearm, neck, and face tattoos because it can have implications in your professional life.(9)

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Texas? You have to be 18 to get a tattoo in Texas. Here’s an interesting fact, if you’re 16 and want to cover up an existing tattoo, say for example one that is gang-related or offensive, you won’t be breaking the law but your parents have to be present during the tattoo.(10)

4. 60 Best Matching Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs 2021

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  • Heart Tattoos – Infinity and Beyond. Looking for matching tattoos with your one true love? It …
  • Butterfly Tattoo – Circle of Friendship. A colorful and meaningful matching tattoos idea. …
  • Paper Airplane and Heart Tattoos – Love and Freedom. Though there are many tattoos …
  • Dog and Cat Matching Tattoos. A cartoon-like “dog and cat” matching tattoos are perfect for …
  • Couple’s Cross Wrist Tattoos. A matching tattoo concept that is never out of style is the …
  • Flower Pattern Tattoos. Two different tattoos but are matching? Why not? The left tattoo …
  • Fingerprint Heart Matching Tattoos. It’s nice for a couple who are looking into simple tattoos …
  • “To Infinity and Beyond” – Phrase Tattoos. Matching tattoo ideas include special phrases …
  • The Ying Yang – A Symbol of Balance and Harmony. The Yin and The Yang are the Chinese …


  1. Keep it to One Tattoo at a Time. You may have this incredible vision of having two matching .
  2. Footwear and Timing. Foot tattoos are especially tricky when it comes to choosing a time of .
  3. Manage Any Swelling. It is unrealistic to expect to stay off your foot entirely in the days .
  4. Keeping Your New Tattoo Clean. Keeping the site with your fresh ink clean is one of the most .
  5. Keep Your New Tattoo Moisturized. Keeping your foot tattoo moisturized is an important .
  6. The Sun is Not Your Tattoo’s Friend. The beach or pool is no place for a new tattoo, .
  7. Keep Out of the Water. Another reason the beach or pool is no place for your new tattoo, the .
  8. Know When to Be Concerned. An important part of your aftercare process is knowing your .


My first tattoo doesn’t have any meaning, and here are a few reasons why yours doesn’t need meaning either. 1. Your first tattoo usually comes from impulse which is okay. I can speak from experience that, when it comes to your first tattoo, you get caught up in the moment and the idea of permanently embedding ink in your skin with a needle.(13)

Each tattoo design is different in its way, and the best part is that you can choose a tattoo that will match not only the design but also narrate the background story of your fantastic friendship. The more substantial meaning the tattoo has, the more attractive and appealing it looks.(14)

5. 101 Best Matching Couple Tattoos That Are Cute & Unique

If your relationship is a true partnership that aims to take over the world – or at least dominate each challenge you come across in your lives – matching king and queen tattoos are a great fit. These are both motivation and a reminder that you are both capable forces that also depend on each other as equals. Married Couple Tattoos.(15)

I would never get matching tats with someone that’s just a boyfriend. Not unless we’ve discussed a future and are both adament on making one together. React 1 Person akihon | 148 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 6 1 y Laugh and tell her to pick one of the tattoos I already have, she can take a photo of it and get it done.(16)

Answer (1 of 5): It seems to me like most people who think tattoos should be chosen primarily for their meaning, are people who aren’t into tattoos. Their reasoning is, if your tattoo represents your dead grandmother, you are less likely to regret it. I think you’re less likely to regret the tatt.(17)

6. #1 Free Tattoo Maker – Tattoo Creator – Free Tattoo Design

With our tattoo designer software, the possibilities are nearly endless. You may mix and match tattoos and search for tattoo ideas in our tattoo library, which has over 150,000 designs! Make your own tattoo for free and in minutes online.(18)

Matching tattoos with a partner or friend can be risky, but one way to do it well is to choose a phrase or design meaningful to you both, rather than getting each other’s names. Put it somewhere subtle, like the underside of a finger.(19)

A popular place people tend to get match tattoos is on their wrists or even on the top of their thumbs, or the webbing between their pointer finger and thumb. Add On If you are a true pyro at heart, chances are you will want to get a tattoo that pertains to flames or something being set on fire.(20)

You have just received a new tattoo, and you have seen the tattoo artist use a stencil on you for your tattoo. Once the tattoo… Read More Do Tattoo Stencils Wash Off?.(21)

7. 5 Reasons to get Matching Couple Tattoos right now!

  1. Remembrance of special moments. While clicking a picture or writing about a special .
  2. Showcase of commitment. When we think we have found the one, we want to scream it from .
  3. More pain, more value. It’s simple logic – one of our primary motivating drives as humans is .
  4. Couple Tattoos stand for creation of love. Sharing an experience with your partner can help .
  5. Tattoos: A form of self expression. Getting a tattoo is a very personal experience for .


If you get matching tattoos, they don’t have to be in the same place. Men and women’s bodies are different, so you may want to choose different yet complimentary locations. Choose a tattoo that goes well together but are not identical, for example, a.(23)

These are cool matching tattoos ideal for family members. The tattoos have what looks like a shield with the words of protection to the person with the matching tattoos. They are a great way to show love to your siblings or other family members. Two cool knot tattoos on the wrist.(24)

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