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1. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me – Stone Cold 2. The Game – Triple H 3. Real American – Hulk Hogan 4. Cult of Personality – CM Punk 5. Electrifying – The Rock 6. Rest in Peace – The Undertaker 7. The Time Is Now – John Cena 8. Are you Ready? – D-Generation X 9. No Chance In Hell – Vince McMahon 10. Metalingus – Edge 11. Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels 12. Break Down The wall – Chris Jericho 13. Hart Attack – Bret Hart 14. Next Big Thing – Brock Lesnar 15. One Of A Kind – Rob Van Dam 16. Some Bodies Gonna Get It – Mark Henry 17. Burn In My Light – Randy Orton 18. What’s Up – R-Truth 19. Unstable – Ultimate Warrior 20. I Walk Alone – Batista 21. Just Close Your Eyes – Christian 22. Blood – The Brood 23. Recognition – Charlotte Flair 24. Booyaka 619 – Rey Mysterio 25. Medal – Kurt Angle 26. The Rising Sun – Shinsuke Nakamura 27. Voices – Randy Orton 28. Here Comes The Money – Shane McMahon 29. Basic Thugonomics – John Cena 30. I Came To Play – The Miz 31. Phenomenal – AJ Styles 32. Line In The Sand – Evolution 33. Catch Your Breath – Finn Bálor 34. King of Kings – Triple H 35. Slow Chemical – Kane 36. Glorious Domination – Bobby Roode 37. Oh You Didn’t Know – New Age Outlaws 38. Ass Man – Billy Gunn 39. Fight – Kevin Owens 40. This Fire Burns – CM Punk 41. Let’s Light It Up – AJ Lee 42. Special Op – The Shield 43. Here To Show The World – Dolph Ziggler 44. Radio – Zack Ryder 45. Rap Sheet – Booker T 46. Sky’s The Limit (Remix) – Sasha Banks 47. Loaded – The Hardy Boyz 48. Time To Rock And Roll – Trish Stratus 49. U Look Fly Today – Too Cool 50. Rollin’ – The Undertaker 51. American Bad Ass – The Undertaker 52. Celtic Invasion – Becky Lynch 53. Flight Of The Valkyries – Daniel Bryan 54. Worlds Apart – Sami Zayn 55. My Time – Triple H 56. The Future – Asuka 57. The Ho Train – The Godfather 58. Live In Fear – Bray Wyatt 59. You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch) – The Bella Twins Recommended: References


Since the 1980s, professional wrestling has had a big focus on entrances, with each performer making their walk down the ramp a spectacle for the audience. Theme songs would become synonymous with the wrestlers using them, and many have even become known in the mainstream.

WWE has been the home to the most prominent wrestlers for the past several decades, and they know that a good entrance is a massive part of gaining fans. There have been some classic tracks over the years that have stood out. Here are the 59 best WWE theme songs of all time:

1. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me – Stone Cold

WWE: I Won't Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin) (Original Theme)

Nothing gets a WWE crowd more excited than hearing the glass shatter and the opening riff of Stone Cold’s theme song. The legendary Jim Johnston has composed this and many of the tracks you’ll see on this list. He wanted the music to portray a man ready to fight without little warning or subtlety and nailed it; the wrestler was also instantly a fan with no tweaks needed.

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2. The Game – Triple H

WWE: The Game (Triple H)

Triple H is a name that will pop up on the list several times thanks to his use of many iconic theme songs. He enlisted his friend Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead to perform some of his themes, the most iconic of which is The Game. When hearing this track, you instantly think of a brooding Triple H slowly making his way to the ring before spitting water skyward from the ring apron.

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3. Real American – Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Entrance Video

Hulk Hogan’s theme Real American by guitarist Rick Derringer was actually supposed to be a tune for the U.S. Express tag team composed of Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham. However, the theme changed hands and ended up with Hulk Hogan, becoming a staple of not just pro wrestling, but Americana in general. In the Reagan and Cold War-era United States, it was the perfect sound for a highly patriotic country.

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4. Cult of PersonalityCM Punk

CM Punk makes a shocking return to WWE: Raw, July 25, 2011

After leaving the WWE with the promotion’s championship belt, CM Punk briefly disappeared. When John Cena won the vacated title, the famous rock song Cult Of Personality by Living Colour blared through the speakers, and it wasn’t until CM Punk himself appeared through the curtain did people know who the tune was attached to. He is a personal friend of the band and now goes hand-in-hand with the track.

5. Electrifying – The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson WWE Entrance Video

“The most electrifying man in sports entertainment” needed a theme song that captured that essence, and Jim Johnston did just that with Electrifying. The track starts off with The Rock yelling his signature catchphrase “If you smell what The Rock is cooking” and continues with a guitar solo and catchy bassline that the millions (and millions) of his fans have come to know and love.

6. Rest in PeaceThe Undertaker

WWE: Rest In Peace (Undertaker)

So far we’ve heard several tracks that are heavy in guitar riffs, but sometimes, it just takes the right tone to really catch on with fans. The Undertaker’s Rest In Peace theme song is that right blend of eerie and majestic, perfectly fitting his slow, dark walk to the ring. It’s hard to think about this track without thinking about WrestleMania.

7. The Time Is NowJohn Cena

John Cena - The Time Is Now (Entrance Theme)

Sure, there are some fans that grew tired of hearing the trumpets at the beginning of John Cena’s theme song prior to the main event of every pay-per-view, but it’s hard to deny just how catchy and iconic the track is. He raps the theme song himself, which he commonly did back in those days, and it matches his larger-than-life personality.

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8. Are you Ready? – D-Generation X

D-Generation X - Are You Ready? (Extended Version) [Entrance Theme]

When you hear “Are you ready?” come over the speakers and the television screen gets a green and black filter, you know D-Generation X is making their way to the ring. Perfectly encapsulating the mood of an entire generation, this song wasn’t actually for the whole faction at first. Instead, Jim Johnston says it was written for Shawn Michaels to replace Sexy Boy, but the wrestler teamed up with Triple H to change WWE music history.

9. No Chance In Hell – Vince McMahon

Mr. McMahon entrance video

When Vince (or Mr., if you will) McMahon was the lead antagonist of the WWE world during the late 1990s, he needed a theme song to match his attitude. With that, Jim Johnston created No Chance In Hell, which serves as a reminder of who’s really in charge of things at WWE.

10. MetalingusEdge

Edge returns at Royal Rumble and delivers vicious Spears: Royal Rumble 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Stepping away from Jim Johnston for a moment, Edge enlisted the help of rock band Alter Bridge in 2004 for his theme song titled Metalingus. Slightly altered from its original album version, the version that the wrestler uses starts with a heavy drum intro to set up the big entrance for The Rated-R Superstar.

11. Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels

WWE: Sexy Boy (Shawn Michaels)

We alluded to this entrance a bit earlier in the list, and Sexy Boy finished just outside of the top 10. Shawn Michaels needed an entrance that played to his egotistical character after breaking apart The Rockers when he kicked Marty Jannetty through a window. The song was perfect for him whether he was a heel or a babyface, and he continued to use it for the rest of his career.

12. Break Down The wall – Chris Jericho

Break Down the Wall (Chris Jericho)

There was a lot of hype and tension built for the start of the new millennium with a countdown clock that would be on Monday Night RAW. When the timer finally hit zero, Chris Jericho’s theme song played for the first time, introducing WWE fans to Y2J, following his move from WCW. The track, much like him, is a flashy one with a perfect Titantron video to go along with it.

13. Hart Attack – Bret Hart

Hart Attack (Bret Hart)

Much like Bret Hart himself, his theme song is straight to the point and technically sound. The track, aptly named Hart Attack, has had a variation that’s used for his niece Natalya, too. Interestingly enough, it’s the first song on the list to not have any lyrics since Stone Cold’s main theme.

14. Next Big Thing – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing (Entrance Theme)

Those that play video games, probably know that feeling of “final boss” type of music. That’s the sort of theme song that you get when Brock Lesnar comes to the ring. Since his character is held in kayfabe as one of the most elite of all time, the track truly matches that intensity and feeling of despair for anyone who dares to challenge him.

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15. One Of A Kind – Rob Van Dam

WWE: One of a Kind (Rob Van Dam)

After using Walk by Pantera during his time with ECW, Rob Van Dam came into WWE with a new theme by Memphis, Tennessee-based rock band, Breaking Point. Titled One Of A Kind,” it was able to capture that ECW-esque feel. Some could argue that it didn’t really fit the wrestler’s persona of a laid-back type who enjoys herbal remedies, but it was perfect for his wrestling style.

16. Some Bodies Gonna Get It – Mark Henry

Mark Henry - Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Entrance Theme) feat. Three Six Mafia

If there ever was a wrestling theme song where you thought there was a brawl about to break out, Mark Henry’s (not the Sexual Chocolate one) was just that. Made by Three 6 Mafia, Some Bodies Gonna Get It was perfect for the world’s strongest man to make his intimidating entrance before using his power to take his opponents down quickly. It was more of a warning than a track, overall.

17. Burn In My LightRandy Orton

Burn In My Light (Randy Orton)

When Randy Orton came into the WWE, he was heralded as one of the next big stars in wrestling. The wrestler, who was then a young and egotistical character known as The Legend Killer, had the type of theme song that fit his persona to a T. Florida-based band Mercy Drive created the track, and they also made one for fellow wrestler Maven called Tattoo.

18. What’s Up – R-Truth

R-Truth Entrance Video

R-Truth has always been the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and his theme song is part of that overall personality. He raps his track What’s Up himself, coming out to the ring each time with a microphone where he performs the theme, getting everyone involved. He really never got the push that he probably deserved, but he’s still one of the most beloved wrestlers of his generation.

19. Unstable – Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior Entrance Video

Very few wrestlers have been as chaotic as the Ultimate Warrior, and he, of course, had to have a theme song that captured that chaos. Unstable was the brainchild of Jim Johnston, and it served as a great background for the wrestler as he sprinted out to the ring and then started violently shaking the ropes before his matches.

20. I Walk Alone – Batista

I Walk Alone (Batista)

Back when Saliva was at the top of their game with Josey Scott on lead vocals, they got involved with the WWE by performing Batista’s theme song I Walk Alone. The track was released during his solo run following his split from Evolution, showing that The Animal does things on his own terms whether he’s a heel or babyface.

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21. Just Close Your EyesChristian

Just Close Your Eyes (Christian)

There are many that feel that Christian didn’t get the solo career in the WWE that he really deserved, but he at least got a good theme song. Just Close Your Eyes had a couple of different versions, with Story Of The Year performing the version more preferred by fans. The buildup and “Go!” at the beginning of the song has a lot of “the peeps” excited for Christian to make his entrance.

22. Blood – The Brood

The Brood's Gothic Entrance

Speaking of Christian, he and Edge were once a trio with Gangrel to form the vampire faction, The Brood. The theme song that they used was a haunting creation by Jim Johnston that seemed like it was ripped straight from a horror movie. Gangrel didn’t last as long as Edge or Christian in the WWE and neither would take the theme song, essentially retiring it for good in 2001.

23. Recognition – Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair - Recognition (Entrance Theme)

Ric Flair has used the Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 for much of his wrestling career, and his daughter’s theme song plays off of that. Recognition was a remix made by CFO$ that makes the original track more uptempo with a heavy guitar riff. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that just because she shares a lot in common with her father, Charlotte Flair is very much her own legend.

24. Booyaka 619 – Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio entrance video

Debuting his theme song at WrestleMania 22, Rey Mysterio has stuck with Booyaka 619 ever since. The high-energy track by the rock band P.O.D. represents San Diego and the 619 area code, hitting its sound peak when the wrestler shoots up through the floor of the stage and then runs to the ring as fast as he can.

25. Medal – Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle - Medal (Entrance Theme)

Now synonymous with chants of “You suck,” Kurt Angle’s Medal theme song was actually used prior to the Olympic gold medalist making his WWE debut. It was first used by The Patriot in 1997 but was repurposed for Kurt Angle. Even before then, it had been sitting around waiting for the right person to use it, finally finding a fit with the wrestler.

26. The Rising Sun – Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun (Entrance Theme)

CFO$ is synonymous with WWE theme songs, and one of its finest works was Shinsuke Nakamura’s The Rising Sun, which was first used in 2016. The track, which featured a screeching violin, became a fan favorite while he was with NXT and eventually on the WWE main roster. Fans would sing along with this tune despite having no lyrics.

27. VoicesRandy Orton

Randy Orton - Voices (Entrance Theme) feat. Rev Theory

After ditching his theme song by Mercy Drive, Randy Orton changed paths and used the band Rev Theory for his next song, Voices. It was good for his character’s change as he went from The Legend Killer to a man who was borderline psychopathic. This track went on to stick around with him even after he became a babyface and has become too familiar with the wrestler to change at this point.

28. Here Comes The Money – Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon - Here Comes The Money (Entrance Theme)

Performed by Naughty By Nature, Here Comes the Money has been used to showcase the son of a billionaire willing to do anything it takes to win over his opponents. With his signature strut that he performs at the stage entrance, Shane-O-Mac would have this song blaring over arena speakers just minutes before performing a leaping dropkick across the ring into a man holding a garbage can on his lap.

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29. Basic ThugonomicsJohn Cena

Basic Thugonomics

Before The Time Is Now came out and matched John Cena’s new persona, the wrestler was the Doctor of Thuganomics and had the theme song to match. Basic Thugonomics, just like its replacement, was performed with the wrestler on the vocals. The rapping gimmick for him wouldn’t last all that long, but we at least got some memorable moments out of it, including this track.

30. I Came To Play – The Miz

The Miz - I Came To Play (Entrance Theme) feat. Downstait

Downstait is a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based band that has done multiple theme songs for the WWE, with their best one being I Came To Play, which has been used by The Miz throughout his career. The track starts heavily to really set the tone, often being accompanied by a chorus of boos aimed toward the man who has played the egotistical heel character perfectly for a very long time.

31. Phenomenal – AJ Styles

AJ Styles - Phenomenal (Entrance Theme)

Like his path to the WWE, AJ Styles’ theme song Phenomenal has a slow build and bursts into action. The track was a complete mystery for WWE fans when it debuted at the Royal Rumble in 2016. At the time, the wrestler had a quick appearance in WWE in 2002, but it was his proper introduction to the fans when the Phenomenal One stuck around for good.

32. Line In The Sand – Evolution

WWE: Line in the Sand (Evolution)

Another one of the Motörhead songs that were recorded for WWE, Line In The Sand was used for the Evolution faction consisting of Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, and, of course, Triple H. The accompanying video was a perfect fit, too, showing the quartet living the high life as business executives and plotting their next move.

33. Catch Your Breath – Finn Bálor

Finn Bálor - Catch Your Breath (Entrance Theme)

Finn Bálor arrived in NXT around the same time as Shinsuke Nakamura, and the two had rival songs in terms of fan participation. The former’s theme, Catch Your Breath, is another CFO$ creation that has fans throwing up their arms in unison with The Demon when he makes his way to the ring posts.

34. King of KingsTriple H

WWE: King of Kings (Triple H)

Though we’re far from finished with Triple H and his associates, this is the final entrance track on the list that was performed by Motörhead. King Of Kings is one of those special occasion theme songs that’s been used over the years by the wrestler for events like WrestleMania so that he can remind everyone of who runs the show.

35. Slow ChemicalKane

Slow Chemical (Kane)

Kane has had a handful of theme songs over the years, but perhaps none more iconic than the track Slow Chemical performed by Finger Eleven. It was also used in the film The Punisher, and it replaced the wrestler’s organ-heavy theme when he converted from a mysterious demon-like figure to something a little more versatile for the WWE writers.

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36. Glorious Domination – Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination (Entrance Theme)

NXT really has had a knack for providing wrestlers with amazing theme songs that catch on with fans before they make their WWE debut. Another one of those tracks belongs to Bobby Roode entitled Glorious Domination. It begins with a piano intro, then quickly has the crowd chanting “Glorious!” along with the song while the wrestler enters majestically in his bedazzled robe.

37. Oh You Didn’t Know – New Age Outlaws

Oh You Didn't Know (New Age Outlaws)

Other than hearing glass shatter or “If you smell,” nothing would get an Attitude Era crowd going quite like hearing Oh You Didn’t Know. The New Age Outlaws, composed of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, perfected the art of crowd participation with their theme song with the former reciting his speech on the way and into the ring. Of course, the track would always end abruptly with him requesting to “cut the music.”

38. Ass Man – Billy Gunn

Ass Man (Billy Gunn)

Billy Gunn was certainly known more for his run with the New Age Outlaws, but his solo theme song was also something that should never be forgotten. Created by Jim Johnston when the wrestler was using his Mr. Ass gimmick, the song Ass Man was certainly a product of the Attitude Era when the WWE was really letting loose with the sexuality factor.


39. Fight – Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens - Fight (Entrance Theme)

Kevin Owens has always been packaged as a prize fighter during his professional wrestling career, so it’s only appropriate that his WWE theme song is simply named Fight. Containing no lyrics, it is a no-nonsense track that sounds like a perfect fit for an angry fighter who just wants to show up, kick some butt, then head out for the day.

40. This Fire BurnsCM Punk

CM Punk Entrance Video

Before his days as a main eventer and using the Cult Of Personality theme song, CM Punk was sporting long hair and leading the Straight Edge Society. During that time, he was using the track This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage. The opening guitar riff instantly caught attention, especially when it was used for his WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view match against John Cena in Chicago.

41. Let’s Light It Up – AJ Lee

Let's Light It up (AJ Lee)

CM Punk has had two entries on the list, but what about his wife, AJ Lee? During her run in WWE, she was a perennial contender for the Divas Championship and spearheaded a change to the Women’s Championship. This upbeat guilty pleasure captured the chaotically bubbly persona that she had during her brief WWE career.

42. Special Op – The Shield

WWE: Special Op (The Shield)

Though it would eventually be repurposed for a while as Roman Reigns’ solo entrance, The Shield theme song was an iconic fit for one of the WWE’s best stables of all time. Composed of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins, this professional wrestling stable seemed to be involved in every match during their run, even if it had nothing to do with them. When you heard the walkie-talkies at the beginning, all eyes turned to the tunnels of every arena to see where they were coming from.

43. Here To Show The World – Dolph Ziggler

One of the many songs that were performed by Downstait, Here To Show The World is a great fit for the man that has spent an entire career trying to break into the main event scene. Dolph Ziggler has used this track for almost his entire career, and the most memorable use came when he cashed in his WWE Money In The Bank contract against Alberto Del Rio.

44. Radio – Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder entrance video

Another wrestler who got over with fans but never really got into the main event scene, all while having a cool theme song, was Zack Ryder. Starting off with the familiar “Woo woo woo, you know it” and going into the vocals about hanging out and driving around in a convertible, this is one of Jim Johnston’s more pop-friendly tunes.

45. Rap Sheet – Booker T

Booker T Entrance Video

Straight from the beginning, we hear the loud “Can you dig it, sucka?” that begins the theme song for the legendary Booker T. Officially titled Rap Sheet, this track was first used by the wrestler during his WCW career. It became so ingrained in his persona that it translated over into the WWE and became a hit.

46. Sky’s The Limit (Remix) – Sasha Banks

Of course, you can’t hear the Sasha Banks theme song Sky’s The Limit without hearing Michael Cole saying “It’s boss time” in your head, but it’s still a great track. CFO$ was responsible for this song used by the multiple-time Women’s Champion and has even had a live version featuring her extended family member, Snoop Dogg.

47. Loaded – The Hardy Boyz

Matt & Jeff Hardy make a shocking return to WWE: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

When you hear the guitar and drum start from the song Loaded, you know it’s time for something extreme in the ring. The Hardy Boyz have used this Zack Tempest song both inside and outside of WWE since the wrestling promotion doesn’t own the track. The musician has performed background guitar for multiple bands, but it’s The Hardy Boyz riff that remains his most famous work.

48. Time To Rock And Roll – Trish Stratus

Time to Rock and Roll (Trish Stratus) (feat. Lil' Kim)

There have been plenty of legendary performers to do WWE theme songs, and among them is rap icon Lil’ Kim. She’s the one that provided the lyrics for WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus titled Time To Rock And Roll. Of course, to keep things in-house a bit, the music was composed by Jim Johnston.

49. U Look Fly Today – Too Cool

Too Cool Entrance Video

The Attitude Era, for better or worse, was basically a house party that happened twice a week. One of the factions that represented that well was Too Cool, composed of Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Grandmaster Sexay. Their theme song U Look Fly Today got people going, especially when Scotty 2 Hotty did the worm.

50. Rollin’ – The Undertaker

Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)

Even the most iconic wrestlers can get gimmick changes at some point. Nobody is proof of that more than The Undertaker. Sandwiched in between Deadman gimmicks, he was known as the American Badass and came out to the ring on a motorcycle. One of the themes that he used during this time was Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’.

51. American Bad Ass – The Undertaker

Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Music Video]

Naturally, we can’t mention The Undertaker’s American Badass gimmick without mentioning this track. Kid Rock’s American Bad Ass was the theme song that the wrestler first used when changing gimmicks. Why did he change gimmicks, though? He said it was a better fit for the Attitude Era, and he wanted to cut promos like Stone Cold and The Rock.

52. Celtic Invasion – Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch - Celtic Invasion (Entrance Theme)

Becky Lynch hails from Ireland, so of course, her theme song would be titled Celtic Invasion. She debuted this track while she still had a bit of a steampunk gimmick, and this upbeat and bass-heavy song was big on crowd participation with an accompanying chant.

53. Flight Of The Valkyries – Daniel Bryan

Flight of the Valkyries (Daniel Bryan)

As we mentioned, crowd participation is a big part of what makes a theme song great, and Daniel Bryan’s had that in spades. A variation of the classical composition Flight Of The Valkyries, he had massive crowds chanting “Yes!” on his way to the ring.

54. Worlds Apart – Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn - Worlds Apart (Entrance Theme)

The world of ska doesn’t get much love in the WWE, so it’s a good thing that Sami Zayn came around. The entrance theme, Worlds Apart is very heavy on the horns and makes crowds want to dance. Depending on his gimmick at the time, though, he might not be dancing along with them.

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55. My TimeTriple H

My Time (Triple H)

We finally get to the end of the Triple H portion of the list, with this one coming from his Attitude Era solo career away from D-Generation X. The distorted sound and mic check at the beginning are sure to bring nostalgic feelings for anyone that was watching during this era of his career.

56. The Future – Asuka

Asuka - The Future (Entrance Theme)

Debuting in NXT in 2015, Asuka was given the song The Future by CFO$, and it stuck with her when she made the jump to WWE. One of the rare tracks of the era that actually contains full lyrics, it has been very fitting for Asuka during her career.

57. The Ho Train – The Godfather

The Ho Train (The Godfather)

Never in a million years would this theme song get approved following the Attitude Era but at the time, The Ho Train really stood out. Used by The Godfather, a man with a literal pimp gimmick, this track is right up there with Val Venis’ in terms of sexuality.

58. Live In Fear – Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt makes his menacing entrance on The Grandest Stage of Them All: WrestleMania 30

The theme song in question, as Bray Wyatt has had several during his career, is the one that he used as a member of the Wyatt Family. With the lights out and thousands of “fireflies” holding up their cell phones to illuminate arenas, this track, originally titled Broken Out In Love, remains a fan favorite for the times it gets brought back.

59. You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch)The Bella Twins

WWE: You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) (The Bella Twins)

There had to be one more guilty pleasure on the list after the likes of Billy Gunn, The Godfather, and AJ Lee. With that, we end the list with You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch), which is used by the Bella Twins. For a bonus guilty pleasure, check out Brie Bella’s solo theme song.

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