What Are The Top 10 Best WWE Entrance Songs? (2024)

The lights go out, everyone gets quiet for at least a second, and then an eruption follows as thousands of people start screaming with the first beats of the entrance song coming on. Wrestler’s entrance moments are something else in the WWE, there’s no denying their power and the significance as they can skyrocket or hinder wrestler’s career, they become synonymous with them, even outside of wrestling arenas.

The best WWE entrance songs turn wrestlers into legends, they make kids want to start wrestling themselves, they represent all that wrestler stands for, and last but not least, they make us ready to rumble.

Hulk Hogan – Real American

Back in 1985, the WWF released a music album, and the whole project was overshadowed by a track “Real American” that became a theme song for one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and certainly the most famous one – Hulk Hogan. The pompous title and the lyrics that followed it went great with Hogan’s persona and was in fact a perfect fit for this shirt-ripping badass.

The Undertaker – Graveyard Symphony

One of the most iconic and unique wrestlers that ever stepped into a ring needed a matching song, and as not a single singer one was deemed worthy of the mighty Undertaker it had to be a symphony, and it managed to capture the graveyard feeling we get when we see The Undertaker. The dark and ominous tones of the commonly underused organs made for a spine-chilling tone that perfectly sums up the horror that is The Original Deadman. Don’t listen to it at night.

John Cena – The Time is Now

We might not be able to see John Cena, but thankfully we can hear him, and there was no chance we weren’t including this song on the list, as the catchy, recognizable beat is enough to get you hooked and pumped. It gets bonus points as it’s a rare wrestler’s entrance song performed by the wrestler himself, and because it’s great for working out even if for people who are not into WWE.

Chris Jericho – Break The Walls Down

If this song doesn’t get you pumped right from the first riff check your pulse and go to the doctor, as there are few pump up songs that can go head to head with this one, even when looking past the WWE themed music. The rhymes are great, the vocal is powerful and into the material, song matches Chris Jericho personality perfectly and you’ll be ready to break the walls down while listening to it.

Kurt Angle – Medal

Simple, but so effective! Kurt Angle’s old theme song medal proved that you don’t need complexity, getting loud, or even vocals to produce a spine-tingling sensation and get fired-up. At times, Medal sounds like the evergreen Rocky theme, and it almost has the same uplifting power; it truly is a classic wrestling theme.

What Are The Top 10 Best WWE Entrance Songs? (1)

Stone Cold Steve Austin – I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

In a way, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me is similar to Kurt Angle’s Medal, but also so different. They both don’t have vocals, and do not need them as the songs are great without them, but Stone Cold’s entrance track is much more complex. It changes a couple of styles, while always keeping the same badass tone and managing to send out the terrifying message – Stone Cold Steve Austin is here!

Evolution – Line In The Sand

Triple H used his friendship with the late frontman of Motörhead Lemmy and got this amazing English to rock band to make a song for his alliance team Evolution which he was a part of with Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton. The song should qualify for this list based on the names behind it alone, but it is actually quite good and popular among rock fans who aren’t into WWE.

Mr.McMahon – No Chance In Hell

The hardcore metal/rap song doesn’t seem like the natural fit for a man in a suit at first glance, but No Chance In Hell is actually a perfect fit with the might of Mr. McMahon as it displays undisputed power and a dose of arrogance that we all know the big man has. The lyrics “Up against a machine too strong” do a great job at explaining what Mr. McMahon is – the WWE itself.

Edge – Metalingus

From the very start this song promises to be something different with a female vocal announcing the charge of hardcore riffs that make adrenaline rise in every hall that this song gets played in. Great drums and rebellious lyrics go so well with Edge’s style, and a lot of people even consider Metalingus to be the best WWE entrance song of all time.

Shawn Michaels – Sexy Boy

We just had to include one of the funniest, weirdest songs ever to be made, not just in the WWE universe, and it really stays true to Shawn Michaels who took matters into his own hands and sang for his entrance song. The lyrics are what make this song stand out as it is an ode to The Heartbreak Kid and captures the essence of this well… sexy boy.

What do you consider to be the best WWE entrance song ever?

What Are The Top 10 Best WWE Entrance Songs? (2024)


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